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Queensland Tri Series – 9 podiums

Next Level Triathlon Coaching Home PageQueensland Tri Series – 9 podiums


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The 2020-2021 Queensland Tri Series (QTS) is now complete and what a fantastic series it was! In the 8-round event, 9 Next Level athletes made it onto the podium to take out their respective age group championship.

Congratulations to:

  • Oscar Brelsford
  • Ethan Brelsford
  • Viv Broadbent
  • Tanya Mallie
  • Kim Bowling
  • Toby Somerville
  • Phil Davies
  • Jane Rylance
  • Dan Glasper

Not only did these athletes out-perform the competition, but Bayside Multisport, our local supporting Triathlon Club, have also taken out the club series championship! Fantastic work Bayside and fantastic work to all our athletes


Bayside Multisport Picture



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