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Next Level Run Program – Powered by Yoska

Next Level Triathlon Coaching Home PageNext Level Run Program – Powered by Yoska

Next Level Run Coaching in affiliation with Yoska (Coach Deepak Raj) presents “Personalised Run Program”


  • Goal Setting
  • Structured Program simple to follow
  • Training plan available online
  • Detailed Daily Workouts & Instruction
  • Regular Fitness Tests & Challenges
  • Race/event specific training plan
  • Run Workouts
  • Core & Conditioning Workouts
  • Guidance on Training Nutrition
  • Access to Reference Videos & Information
  • Quarterly Progress Report
  • Affordable Fees

Program Overview

  • A run training program designed for everyone – if you have never run before OR want to run your first marathon OR want to run a sub 3 hrs or sub 4 hrs or sub 5 hrs marathon.
  • Onboarding call to discuss short term and long term goals.
  • All the queries on your workouts, program, race planning, accessories, training nutrition will be resolved online along with weekly 1:1 feedback on your progress will be sent to you on the Yoska app. And a call if need be.
  • The training plan will be delivered through Yoska’s online platform (web & mobile app).
  • The plan will be personalised based on your current fitness levels and triathlon goals. Goals can be race specific such as 5 kms, 10 kms, 21.1 kms, 42.2 kms, Ultra Running (50+ Kms) OR Running as a lifestyle where you need not have any race or other targets.
  • The Training Program would have detailed daily workouts with information such as the objective of workout, warm up, main workout, cool down, nutrition, post workout stretches along with duration, volume and associated pace guidelines to execute the workout.
  • This is a holistic training program which also provides guidance on Rest, Recovery, Core and Conditioning Strength and Training Nutrition.

About Coach Deepak

  • 20 years of Running Experience across all distances including 13 Marathons, Boston Qualifier
  • 13 years of Triathlon Experience having successfully completed 22 IRONMAN Triathlons
  • Personal Transformational Journey from an unfit 95+ kilos to take up endurance activities.
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Our Program will help YOU on below running goals:

  • Prepare for an event OR active running with no event focus
  • Couch to 5K (take a holistic approach to start your run journey)
  • First 10K / HM or FM (as you graduate, having a structured program is essential to stay injury free)
  • Have a time target for 10K / HM or FM? (scientifically plan your running workouts to get faster in a safe way)
  • Graduating to OR want to get better at – Ultra Running (50+ Kms)