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10 Podiums in one race!

Next Level Triathlon Coaching Home Page10 Podiums in one race!

Picture of Toby Running

Raby Bay Tri on Sunday 28th February was one of our most successful Triathlons not only for NextLevel Tri Coaching athletes, but also for our supporting club Bayside Multisport

20 athletes finished in the top 10, whilst 10 of our own Next Level athletes finished on the podium!
Well done to Toby Somerville, Troy Smedley, Phil Davies, Viv Broadbent, Tanya Mallie, Nicola Glasper, Ethan Brelsford, Oscar Brelsford, Jane Rylance and Mick Schuddinh

It’s been a big few weeks in Triathlon with a few more exciting events to come:
– QTS Robina this Sunday 7th March, the final Triathlon of the QTS Series
– Tweed Enduro also this weekend – Saturday 6th March
– Mooloolaba Triathlon, one of the most popular triathlons on the Sunshine Coast, 12-14th March

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Ironman Cairns and Ironman 70.3 Cairns 2020

Next Level Triathlon Coaching Home PageIronman Cairns and Ironman 70.3 Cairns 2020

Ironman Cairns and Ironman 70.3 Cairns both occurred on the 27th of September 2020. With a late change to the entry date, this was always going to be a challenging event.

nextlevel athlete photo

With a hot day ahead and the water up around 27 degrees, we all weighed up the decision on whether we’d try our luck with a wetsuit — a decision most of us took up, but perhaps slightly regretted. Into the water we started our two lap (one for the 70.3 race) swim in the mostly calm waters of Palm Cove. Surrounded by beautiful mountain sides, this really is a beautiful spot to start a race!

palm cove

Out of the water and through the showers, we made our way to transition, grabbing ice along the way to keep our body temperature down. Onto the highway we headed north along the picturesque highway towards Port Douglas for a three lap (one lap for 70.3) cycle course. As the temperature increased, along with the wind and humidity, we toughed the conditions and made our way around the course and back into Cairns to begin the four lap (two lap for 70.3) run along the esplanade and boardwalk of Cairns CBD. Cheered along by our very own supporters and Cairns locals, we managed to fight through conditions none of us had trained in and few were mentally and physically prepared for. We all knew coming into this race it was going to be a hot one, but I don’t think most of us realised just how challenging things would be. Finishing the race in the centrally located Fogarty Park, with the finishing chute we all know and love, the day was finally at an end!

Huge congratulations to head coach Toby Somerville, who landed another podium finish (second for the month) and a further congratulations to Debbie Thorley and Phil Davies for completing their first Ironman distance races; and Lloyd Saharin for completing his first Ironman 70.3 race.

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IM Sunshine Coast 70.3 2020

Next Level Triathlon Coaching Home PageIM Sunshine Coast 70.3 2020

Next Level Team Photo

It’s been a very challenging year for many athletes with pools closed, restrictions on group training and many cancelled races, but we’ve fought through it.

As triathletes we need to be able to adapt to challenging circumstances – no race is perfect. There’ll always be a side wind, then head wind; rain, heat, dropped gels and the ever dreaded puncture. Adapting is what we do best.

Over the last few months we’ve made friends with treadmills:
Treadmill Image

swimming tethers:
swim tether picture

and some of us were even brave enough to master rollers:
riding rollers picture

We’ve gained a lot of skills and mental toughness and now that races are back on, we’re ready.

Race Rundown

Ironman Sunshine Coast 70.3 occurred on the 13th of September 2020, which was a very different looking race to what most seasoned athletes are used to. Despite the changes to the event, 18 of our Next Level athletes left their impression on the Sunshine Coast – what a fantastic site to see!

Getting up early on Sunday morning it was a surprise for most to hear the pitter patter of rain over head as the sun rose for the start of a beautiful day. Like Mooloolaba earlier in the year, athletes were faced with a late change to the swim, which had them starting and finishing S/E of the ‘Loo With a View’, which meant a much flatter and calmer swim, but a little bit of a challenging jog along the beach to transition one.

In and out of transition one, athletes snaked along the esplanade, cheered on by early rising spectators, and made their way up to the highway for a two lap, 90km, cycle, dotted with periods of rain, wind and sunshine. Very challenging conditions, but balanced out by the magnificent rainbow, which was a great reminder at how lucky everyone was to be racing again.

Coming back into town, with the rain finally clearing and the sun drying up the roads, athletes made their way back to transition two and headed out onto the esplanade for the two lap iconic run course, touring both Alexandra Headlands and Cotton Tree. With conditions heating up, the flood of volunteers and aid stations were greatly appreciated – the enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers is what really makes this sport so enjoyable.

Finishing up the run and cheered on by the hundreds of spectators, athletes welcomed the picturesque finishing line along the water’s edge at Mooloolaba Beach.

Congratulations to our debut athletes, our 6 podium finishes, including Head Coach Toby Somerville, who won his age group, despite getting a puncture.

Toby Running Image

With Cairns in two weeks and the QTS series firing up, we have a summer of great racing to look forward to.

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Ironman New Zealand 2020

Next Level Triathlon Coaching Home PageIronman New Zealand 2020

Lake Taupo welcomed athletes with crystal clear waters and a beautifully flat surface for the Ironman 70.3 rolling start. As our 70.3 athletes came out of the water, and the wind picked up, it was time for the Ironman athletes to enjoy the very few mass starts left in the Ironman world. With a bit of chop developing our athletes were set off for their 3.8km swim with the earth rattling explosion of a cannon.

Coming out of the water, for both the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 athletes, was a challenging up hill 800m sprint to the Transition one, where they grabbed their bikes and were off into New Zealand’s picturesque countryside. Not swayed by the chill in the air and the ever increasing head winds, athletes pushed through two laps (1 lap for Ironman 70.3) of challenging terrain and undulating hills.

Speeding back into town, and the weather warming up, Taupo showed off its fantastic lake views, as athletes started the last leg of their journey on the undulating hills around Lake Taupo. With the 70.3 athletes finished and the sun setting, the crowds of Taupo only became louder and more encouraging, cheering our Ironman athletes home. What a fantastic day!

Congratulations to our 5 athletes – Troy Smedley, Tracey Davies, Ashley Williams, Nathan Manning and Deepak Raj – who completed the Ironman New Zealand and Ironman New Zealand 70.3. A special congratulations to Nathan Manning, who has been struggling with injury, completed his first full distance Ironman. Great job, Nathan!


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– Ashley Williams (assistant Next Level coach)

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Cairns Ironman and 70.3 2019

Next Level Triathlon Coaching Home PageCairns Ironman and 70.3 2019

There were 11 Next Level Athletes racing in Cairns last Sunday and there were some outstanding results.

  • Phil Davies was 1st in his age group in the 70.3 and Taryn Bennett, in her first 70.3 event, finished 4th in her age group and 18th female overall! I also had a win in my age group.
  • In the Ironman Denise Sweeney was a standout with a massive personal record and 6th place. While all the other Ironman athletes, including 3 first timers, finished strongly.

If you have a goal to finish your first Ironman or 70.3 or take your performance to The Next Level, get in touch.